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日常英语(EveryDay English)

Could you tell me something about yourself?
How do you like it here?
Why do you want to work here? 你为什么想在这儿工作呢?
Do you know any shorthand?
What’s your major?
I’d be very glad to know something about you.
What’s your term? 你的条件是什么?
Would you mind saying that again please?
Thank you for having talked with me.
Thank you for the interview. I hope to see you again.   感谢您面试我,希望再次见到您。
Maybe you will find out that I’m easy to approach. 你会发现我是个很容易相处的人。
I think your unit needs a man like me. 我想贵单位需要一个像我这样的人。
I’d like to hear your opinion.
The vocational training I have received fit me very well for this job. 我接受的职业使我非常适合这个工作。
Of course ,I’m afraid I’m not the possible candidate.


His decision's a great pity. 他的决定真是个遗憾。
How disappionting!  多令人失望啊!
I’m disappointed I missed the concert.
I was disappointed in the new house.
It wasn’t as good as I’d expected.  不如我期望的那么好。
What a pity. 真遗憾。
Just our luck. 这就是我们的运气。
What a shame! 真可惜。
I must say I had hoped to meet your manager.
Your retirement comes as a great disappointment.
Note: These are mostly very simple sentences with simple words. What is valuable is that expressions under the same topic are assembled together. Maybe it's easy to understand in English, but ask yourself ' am I able to speak it out quickly and fluently in real life?'

Can you ride a bike?
Will you be able to finish your work by noon?
Are you capable of painting beautiful pictures?
I can do it.
I know how to operate a computer.
It's not too difficult to climb up the tree.
I'm not too bad at telling stories. 我讲故事还不算太赖吧。
I feel able to swim across the river.
I'm able to recite all Shakespear's sonnets.
I'm afraid I can't cope with those troubles.

Could you give me some advice on how to make up for the time I've lost?
I'd like your advice about my research. 我想听听你关于我的研究的意见。
What would you advise?
What would you do if you were in my shoes? 如果你处在我的位置,你会怎么做?
I would appreciate your advice.
I think you should go on a diet.
It might be a good idea if you got a part-time job.
I advise you to see a doctor.
I advise you not to look down upon him.
I don't think you should keep silent.


I’m quite decided. 我已经决定了。
I’m decided against selling the house. 我已经决定不卖这所房子。
I’ve made up my mind not to change my plan。我已经决定不改变计划了。
I’ve set my mind on the plan. 我对这个计划坚定不移。
Nothing can stop me from carrying out my plan. 没有什么可以阻止我实施计划。
They’re settled where to camp. 他们已经打定主意去哪儿野营了。
We’ve fixed on starting tomorrow. 我们决定了明早出发。
I’m determined to pay him 100 dollars. 我已打定主意付他100元。
I’ve made a decision to resign.我决定辞职。
We’ve arrived at a decision now.  现在我们已经决定下来了。


What are you going to study? 你打算学什么?
What courses are you planning to take? 你打算选什么课程?
What did you specialize in? 你专长是什么?
What field did you major in? 你的专业是什么?
What subjects are you going to take at the university? 你在大学里打算学什么课程?
How do you spell the word? 
Where’s the stress in this word?
How did you do on your mid-term? 你期中考得怎么样?
I expect to take the linguistics course. 我希望选文学课。
I have a course in literature this year. 今年我有门文学课。
I major in science. 我学理。
I’m an economics major. 我是学经济的。
I’m going to attend the lectures given by Prof. Johnson.
I’m going to Harvard University to do post-graduate work in medicine. 我打算去哈佛大学念研究生。
I think it’s time for exams to be reformed. 我想到了考试改革的时候了。
Exams used to be like a burden weighing heavily upon our mind. 过去考试就是压在我们心中沉重的负担。
Agreement & Disagreement
Don't you agree?
Can I ask if you agree with his argument?
I wonder if you would agree money doesn't mean happiness.
You don't disagree, do you?
I absolutely agree.
I suppose so.
Oh, I agree entirely.
I agree in principle, but our emotions exist anyway.我原则上同意,但还有些情绪。
I don't think so.
I think you're absolutely wrong.

Don't talk to me about that fellow.
His indifference irritates me.
I really hate being kept waiting.
Impossible! That is too much. 不可能,太过分了。
Isn't that annoying? 你说那烦人不烦人?
It makes me sick the way they laugh. 他们笑的样子实在让我恶心。
That's a bore! 真烦人!
Yuck? My luck! 什么?我的运气这么坏!
Oh, damn! 哦,见鬼。
What a fool! 真是个白痴!
Excuse me for my smoking here.
I just don't know what to say. 我真是不知道怎么说才好。
I'm very sorry for what I've said to you. 我为我对你说的话感到非常抱歉。
I really feel bad about that. 我真的对这件事感到很不安。
I do apologize about that.
I do beg your pardon for the mess I've made. 请原谅我把事情弄得一团糟。
I quite understand. 我非常理解。
It doesn't matter at all.
Never mind about that.
Please don't worry.

I could probably get this book through inter-library loan. 我可以通过馆际交流搞到这本书。
My father recommend this book to me.
The plot of the book is moving and the language is easygoing. 这本书情节动人,语言流畅。
Who is the author of the collection? 谁是这本辑子的主编?
Have you read "Oliver Twist"? 
This is a novel about rural life in old China.
How much do you know about the works of Shakespear?
This book is very much in demand. 这本书需求量很大。
Which books are the best sellers this year?
The books sells well.

Could you show me how to use the computer?
Can you help me set up the computer? 你能装我组装电脑吗?
When did you learn to use the computer?
Is it difficult to learn word processing? 学习字处理技术难吗?
What do you usually use your computer for?
Can you teach me some basics about computer? 你能教我一些计算机的基础吗?
Do you know how to copy a file?
Must I double click it?
Is our daily life affected by a computer?
Do you think computers will replace man? 你认为计算机将取代人类吗?

The computer contains five basic sections: input, memory, arithmetic and logic, control and output. 计算机包括五个基本部份:。。。
Because of its "memory" and speed, a computer can consider many more factors than a person can.   
Computers can do simple computations with lightning speed and perfect accuracy. 计算机能快速精确地进行简单计算。
Computers can gather a wide range of informations for many purposes.
Computers can store information and pour it out whenever it is needed.
People's brains are a lot more complex than a computer.
Computers have already changed the lives of millions of people.
The impact of the computer is amazing. 计算机的影响力是惊人的。
We cannot depend on computers to do everything for us.
We should use our brains to think and imagine.

What courses do you offer for next term?
Are these courses for beginner? 这是为初学者设计的课程吗?
When will the courses begin?
How long will the courses last?
How many classes are there in a week? 一周有几次课?
How much do the courses cost? 
What course does Professor Guo teach?
Why do you enjoy the course? 
Which course do you like best? 
Which subjects are you good at?

Tomorrow is the deadline for choosing classes. 明天是选课的最后期限。
I'm tying to take notes.
This class is gonna be a bear!
Tell us how to review our lessons, please.
I don't quite understand some difficult points in this unit.
We have eight courses altogether for this semester.
You'll have to make a make-up exam in maths. 你们得参加数学补考。
I'll pay attention to my handwriting next time. 
He's good at every subject. 
We're going to have a series of quizzes these days.  这些天我们有一大堆考试。

===== Describing People =====
How does she look like?
What do you think of her?
What's the color of her hair?
What happened to her?
Have you seen her lately?
You look great in that suit, don't you? 你穿这件衣服看起来很有精神,不是吗?
Judging from her appearance, she must be a dancer. Am I right?
He's tall and strong.
He must be kind.
He's a very serious person. 他是个很严肃认真的人。
She's a sweet housewift. 她是个可爱的家庭主妇。
My girlfriend has got long black hair.
Her husband is five feet two inches tall.
My daughter is a bit short-sighted. 我女儿有点近视。
He likes to wear conservative clothes. 他喜欢穿传统的衣服。
He graduated from college in 1999.
She is fond of watching TV.

===== Diet =====
Do put yourself on a diet, otherwise you'll be too fat. 你一定要节食,不然你就太胖了。
I can't bear eating less 少吃东西我可受不了。
But I think I've eaten too much. 
Are you on a diet now?
You need a diet. 你需要节食。
You've got to eat the things on the list. 你得按单子安排饮食。
I eat my diet at luch time.
The doctor put her on a diet. 医生限制她的饮食。
Do you think going on a diet is a good way to keep fit? 你认为节食是保持健康的好方法吗>

What's your weight? 你体重几何?
My weight has dropped from 150 pounds to 120. 我从150磅减到120磅。
I've lost weight in spite of my good appetite. 尽管食欲很好,我的体重却下降了。
Are you still using the slim pills? 你还在吃减肥药吗?
I'm afraid I'm putting on weight. 恐怕我的体重增加了。
I have to watch my weight. 我不得不注意我的体重了。
I'm gaining weight these days. 最近我的体重在增加。
That's ridiculous for you to lose weight.  你减肥真是太荒唐了。
You should actually gain some weight. 事实上,你应该增加一些体重。
Meat has too many calories, I'm watching my weight now.  
Dear nz-nicole, Hardson, hdsure, A399:
Thank you for your encouraging words! I am very glad that you appreciate it. I'll try to carry it through until summer vacation.
Can you speak French?
What is the Chinese for this?
French is the most beautiful language,isn’t it?
What other languages can you speak?
Do you like French?
How do you learn English?
Can you understand English?
What’s this in English?
Can we practise French together?
French is all Greek to me.   法语我一窍不通。
I simply can’t speak Chinese well.  我就是说不好中文 :(
Learning any language takes a lot of effort.   。。。都要花一番力气的。
I picked up German when I stayed there.  我在德国时掌握了德语。
Practice makes perfect.
I speak English with strong accent. 我说英语时带有浓重的口音。
I couldn’t speak English well.
Woman is born with instinct for language. 女性天生有语言才能。
My mother tongue is Chinese.
They have a lot of trouble with English pronunciation.

You seem worried.  你看起来很着急。
I’m very concerned that I’m going to fail the final exam. 
There’s nothing to worry about.  没什么好担心的。
I’m really terrified of this sort of stories.  我真是受不了这类。。。
You almost scared me to death.  你真把我吓死了。
You don’t have to be anxious about traveling on your own.  别担忧一个人旅行。
She’s feeling blue because she didn’t do well in the exam. 她情绪低落,因为。。。
I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps lately. 近来情绪低落。
It frightens me when I have to walk home late in the dark.
I wonder why she gave me sorrowful looks.

Well, the thing is, you didn't ask for leave.
I mean I came but you were not in.
Let me explain. You see, many people are illiterate. 让我解释。。。
But the point is that most insurance companies make profits. 但问题是。。。
It's because I don't want to be late for class.
The reason that he doesn't come is that he is ill.
I can't accept your excuse. 我不能接受你的理由。
Well, um, it's hard to tell you. 呃,这该从何说起呢。
Hi, Lily, I've come to say sorry to you. 
No one will be convinced by your excuse. 没人会相信你的借口。

It doesn't matter to me. 
I don't care. 
I couldn't care less.
Whatever you say. 随便你。
Are you really interested in doing something? 你到底想不想做点事情呵?
I don't mind if you really want to. 如果你真想的话,我没意见。

Beijing Opera is not my cup of coffee. 我对京剧不感冒。
I think it's boring. 
They looked indifferent to whatever were said. 无论说什么,他们都无动于衷。
Pop music leaves me cold. 流行音乐打动不了我。
It doesn't make any difference to me whether he wins or not. 他赢也罢,输也罢,跟我都不相关。
What does that matter!
I don't mind it.
I'm unconcerned about that.
Who cares! 谁在乎!

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